Canada and U.S. Delegation of Environmental Protection and Education Visited SXTBU
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On June 5th, Canada and U.S. Environmental Protection and Education Delegation Ms. Ellen Todd from Tenon College and Dr. Yang Yi, a senior research fellow from the University of Toronto, visited our school. The two parties conducted discussions on cooperation issues. Wang Aoxue, a teacher from School of International Communication provided interpretation thorough the whole trip.

Ellen Todd and Dr. Yang Yi Visits Yimo Bookstore

At 8:30 on June 6th, Ms. Ellen Todd and Dr. Yang Yi visited our gymnasium, preschool education practice base, media training center and innovation park. At the pre-school education practice base, Director Wang Xinzhi introduced the basic situation of the base. Then the delegation visited the studio, virtual studio, and news broadcast room of Media School’s training center and checked our students’ graduation works after watching which they spoke highly of the students’ creativity, imagination and operation skills. After that, a forum was held in conference room 310 where SXTBU Deputy President Rong Heping, Deputy Dean of School of International Communication Yang Ruigang, and Qin Chen, Wang Hong, Wang Aoxue, and Wei Qi from School of International Communication attended the conference. Mr. Rong Heping warmly welcomed the distinguished guests. He briefly introduced the basic situation of Shanxi Province and Taiyuan City, our campus, teaching staff, in- and off-campus training bases, the positioning, campus culture, and general education of SXTBU as well as the students’ employment and entrepreneurial work. He also expressed his expectations for further cooperation between the two parties.

Dr. Yang gave a brief introduction on the purpose of this trip. Ms. Ellen Todd introduced their advantages. The two parties discussed possible cooperation projects and conducted in-depth discussions on some details.

At the end, Mr. Rong Heping presented gifts to the delegation on behalf of President Niu and the two parties took photos together. On the afternoon of the June 6th, they visited Beige campus of our college and gave great comments on our hardware facilities and campus culture.

Rong Heping Presents Gifts to the Delegates

Rong Heping Introduces SXTBU

On-going Forum

Ms. Ellen Todd and Dr. Yang Yi Check Students’ Graduation Works

Ms. Ellen Todd and Dr. Yang Yi in Our Media Practice Center

Ms. Ellen Todd and Dr. Yang Yi in Preschool Education Practice Center

Director of Employment Guidance Center Gao Yanxia Introduces SXTBU Development Plan

Group Photo in Sanniu Square

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