Representatives of Shinawatra University Visited SXTBU
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SXTBU Holds a Talk with SIU Representatives

On the morning of April 19th, Mr. Guo Yongliang, Director of Chinese Office of Shinawatra University (SIU), Executive Deputy President of Huaxia International College, SIU and their officers in Shanxi Provinces paid a visit to our college for a detailed talk on projects like international exchange and joint school running. Deputy President of SXTBU Zhang Zhonghua and staff from Foreign Affairs Office participated in the meeting.

Deputy President Zhang Introduces SXTBU

Deputy President Zhang gave a warm welcome to SIU representatives and presented a comprehensive introduction on our college’s history, majors, cultures, admissions, current status, our advantages in and progress of international projects. She also indicated that Thailand has its unique strengths and competitiveness in attracting foreign students.

Director Guo Introduces SIU and Huaxia International College

Mr. Guo generally introduced SIU and Huaxia International College, expressed that universities from Thailand have achieved vigorous development in China, especially in mainland China, and he also explained the specific process and execution plans of their cooperative projects with other colleges in China. During the meeting, the two sides also discussed topics including possible cooperative modes, major setting, class delivery styles, doctoral dissertation defense and fees and charges.

At the end of the meeting, SIU representatives invited us to have visited their campus in August, their opening season. Two sides will do more to learn about each other and build trust, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

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